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Vision2030 Associate (Sustainability Network)

Vision2030 aims to build capacity in the environmental nonprofit (ENGO) sector for a greener, more equitable future. In collaboration with our ENGO Leadership Team, we have identified key capacity gaps and are developing programs that will help the ENGO sector rise to the challenges of the next decade. From 2021 to 2023 I supported the project by conducting community scans, research, reporting, event facilitation, grant writing, and community building. In 2024 I will lead cohort-based programs in the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) area. Vision2030 is an evolving, multi-year project – check here for program updates.

Sustainability Network logo in white. The logo features a simple graphic of a leaf in rippling water.
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“Anna-Liza offers a steady hand on program management ensuring all voices are heard and all points considered. From ideation to securing resources, curriculum development, and delivery of capacity-building programs we’ve relied on her several times and been thrilled with the outcomes each time. I’m happy to offer her my unconditional endorsement. Get her involved in your work and you won’t be disappointed.”

Paul Bubelis, Executive Director, Sustainability Network

“I’m delighted to share a heartfelt testimonial for Anna-Liza, a remarkable person I had the pleasure of meeting during a workshop she facilitated… Anna-Liza’s talent is truly impressive.  She effortlessly weaves together complex topics, making them accessible and engaging for audiences. During the workshop, Anna-Liza created a supportive environment, fostering meaningful connections among the participants. Her warm and friendly demeanor made her not just a facilitator but also a great friend.  She has a genuine care for others, and it shines through in every interaction. Her personal touch, combined with her exceptional skills, makes her an outstanding professional in the field.  I am grateful to have crossed paths with Anna-Liza and look forward to witnessing her continued success in her future projects.”

Paloma Yrigoyen,
HR Senior Lead, Environmental Non-Profit Organization

Unlearning and Reframing

Past Speaking Engagements

  • The Health Effects of Toxic Beauty and Personal Care Products (Panelist, ENRICH Project)

  • Partnership Toolkit Release Webinar: Helping ENGOs Partner with Organizations Serving Diverse Youth (Co-Host, Sustainability Network and Nature Canada) 

  • Embedding Empathy into Workplace Mental Health Supports (Speaker, Realize Canada)

  • SPARK: connecting DEI leaders with senior executives for shared learning and networking (Emcee, Pride at Work Canada)

  • Lead with Pride: Best Practices for Advancing 2SLGBTQIA+ Leadership (Emcee, Pride at Work Canada)

  • Improving Access & Inclusion in Environmental Education (Co-Facilitator, CPAWS Southern Alberta)
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Image of the first page of the Partnership Toolkit: Helping Environmental Not for Profit Organizations Partner with Organizations Serving Diverse Youth

Partnership Toolkit:
Helping Environmental Not-for-Profit Organizations
Partner with Organizations Serving Diverse Youth
(Sustainability Network for Nature Canada)

This toolkit helps environmental not-for-profit organizations (ENGOs) partner with organizations that serve diverse youth, to raise awareness of the issues facing racialized youth when accessing outdoor spaces, and to deliver collaborative outdoor programs. Including a step-by-step process with tools, resources, best practices, and video interviews, this toolkit supports a relationship-centred, slow partnership approach that is grounded in empathy and respect.
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“Anna-Liza worked with us to develop content and resources for a new training series to support our local partner organizations to implement equitable green infrastructure in their communities.  The training helped our partners understand the needs of underserved communities, ways to build trust and relationships with these communities, and to ensure that equity is centred throughout project design. Anna-Liza developed and delivered content in online modules to staff from 11 different community organizations, and created extremely helpful resources to support partners in their relationship-building journey. She was thorough, helpful, flexible, and an overall delight to work with.”

Christine Mettler
Director, Green Infrastructure
Green Communities Canada

“Her wealth of knowledge as a journalist, facilitator, and non-profit consultant, alongside her adaptability, and genuine commitment to inclusivity has left a lasting impression on all those involved. I wholeheartedly recommend Anna-Liza for any future endeavors, confident that her experience, expertise, and dedication will shine through all of her work.”

Connor Pion (he/they)
Learning & Development Specialist
Pride at Work Canada

“I first had the opportunity to hear Anna-Liza as the Emcee of Pride at Work Canada’s SPARK event. Anna-Liza not only shared her ideas and perspectives, but she also allowed space for everyone to find their place in the story. I’ve had the opportunity to engage with Anna-Liza for additional conversations on the topic of equity, diversity, and inclusion and her perspectives and ways to hold space for meaningful dialogue never cease to amaze me. I can honestly say that I can’t wait for our next conversation and will remain envious of those who have the opportunity to learn from her every day.”

Erin Davis, Founder and Lead Inclusion Strategist, Erin Davis Co.

Inclusive Storytelling Portfolio

The ND Will See You Now Podcast
(Institute for Natural Medicine)

The ND Will See You Now Podcast features exemplary licensed and practicing naturopathic doctors (NDs) serving the needs of their communities. As Podcast Host, Anna-Liza gives the public a more personal introduction to the diverse voices and faces of naturopathic medicine. Via in-depth interviews, the podcast highlights how the profession has grown, evolved, and increasingly contributes to individual and public health, science, medicine, and the future of healthcare.
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A photo of a small mushroom growing upwards on a brown log with a green background.

Natural Health Equity Column
(Institute for Natural Medicine)

Natural Health Equity is a monthly opinion column in which I examine disproportionate health impacts on equity-deserving communities.
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Anna-Liza has been an exceptional contributor to our work at the Institute for Natural Medicine (INM). From her thoughtful lines of questioning while hosting our podcast series, “The ND Will See You Now” to regularly delivering well-written and rigorously researched health articles, her compassion, intelligence, and thoughtful journalism shine through in all her work for INM. I’d happily recommend her to colleagues and organizations who would benefit from her responsible, ethical, and compelling approach to sharing important ideas.”

Michelle Simon, Ph.D., ND
President & CEO, Institute for Natural Medicine 

Plastic Project Video Campaign
(Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment)

The Plastic Project is a people-focused video series created with the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), Environmental Defence, and Breast Cancer Action Quebec. The project is an awareness campaign that illustrates three key components of the plastic problem in three separate videos entitled: 1) The “Lifecycle” of Plastic: Cradle to Grave; 2) Plastic and Human Health; and 3) Plastic and Climate Change. The aim of this project is to bring to light the many ways in which plastic – from the extraction of oil in unceded territories to the exportation of plastic waste to the global south – negatively impacts the health of our environment, our bodies, and the climate. Anna-Liza was invited to share her thoughts on why plastics are an environmental justice issue and appears in videos 1 and 3.
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The Environmental Injustice of Beauty Project
(ENRICH Project)

The Environmental Injustice of Beauty Project was a social media campaign and webinar series created in collaboration with the ENRICH Project, Shake Up the Establishment, Prevent Cancer Now, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Environmental Defence, and Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment. Designed to build awareness among BIPOC youth and others about the diverse health effects of toxic beauty and personal care products, and the role of white/Eurocentric beauty standards in influencing product use, the project leveraged research, government and industry advocacy, and centered the perspectives of racialized people. Anna-Liza contributed strategy and content to the social media campaign, helped organize the 3-part webinar series, and appeared as a panelist in the first webinar, The Health Effects of Toxic Beauty and Personal Care Products.
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“Anna-Liza shared her knowledge and experiences as a panelist on the Environmental Injustice of Beauty webinar series, where she spoke on the intersections of toxic products and environmental justice, drawing on her unique background in herbalism and holistic approaches to healing.”

Dr. Ingrid Waldron, Ph.D. Founder and Executive Director of the Environmental Noxiousness,
Racial Inequities and Community Health Project (The ENRICH Project)

Anna-Liza is a regular contributor to the following magazines:


The official voice for 2SLGBTQIA+ business in Canada

7 Tips to Strengthen 2SLGBTQIA+ Workplace DEI 

DEI programs don’t automatically translate to substantive 2SLGBTQIA+ equity progress in the workplace. How can companies go beyond superficial DEI programs to create lasting change? (Pages 12-14).

The Many Shades of Rainbow Capitalism

As more companies embrace a 2SLGBTQIA+ marketing push, questions arise about intent and authenticity (pages 8-10).

The Business of Drag (Cover Story)

Canadian Drag icon Kendall Gender on staying true to yourself and getting ahead (pages 4-9).

Screenshot of article written by Anna-Liza Badaloo of Anemochory Consulting, titled "7 Tips to Strengthen LGBTQ+ Workplace DEI"
Photo of an article written by Anna-Liza titled "Changing Perceptions in Guatemala". The page features an image of Guatemalan women.

She is Wise magazine
(Ontario Native Women’s Association)

An empowering voice for Indigenous women that honours collective wisdom by reclaiming that which colonization had targeted: their inherent knowledge as leaders in their families and communities.​

Changing Perceptions in Guatamala

The Women’s Justice Initiative helps Indigenous women and girls live a life free from violence (pages 38 to 41).

Reclaiming the Māori Birth

Kelly Tikao has made it her mission to help Māori women deliver their babies following time-honoured traditions (pages 42-44).

Calling on the Power of Women Lost

Artist Jaime Black reflects on the REDress Project and its role in bringing MMIWG2S into the national discourse (pages 20-23).

The Monitor
(Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)

A policy and current affairs magazine, covering issues of critical importance to the related goals of social, economic, and environmental justice.

Two Decades of Islamophobia: The invisible toll on the Health of Muslims in Canada

In the last five years, more Muslims have been killed in targeted hate attacks in Canada than in any other G7 country. And this growing Islamophobia is having impacts on the health of Muslim Canadians.

Could decolonizing policy redress environmental injustice and racism?

The Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) is the matriarch of environmental legislation in Canada. But it’s been over 20 years since it’s been revised. And environmental advocacy groups have a lot to say about what changes could advance environmental justice and equity in Canada via Bill S-5.

Photo of article written by Anna-Liza titled "Could decolonizing policy redress environmental injustice and racism?"
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“Anna-Liza deftly examines the connections between socioeconomic inequity and injustice, and the health of individuals and communities — particularly marginalized or vulnerable communities — taking a necessarily intersectional approach to the impacts of Islamophobia and racism on individual and collective health and wellbeing. Her analysis is thoughtful, insightful, and holistic and her communication style is exceedingly accessible.”

– Erika Shaker, Director, National Office
Editor, Our Schools / Our Selves
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Photo of the magazine page featuring Anna-Liza's article. The images shows a snowy Northern scene, featuring a snowsled and an Indigenous person. The title of the article reads "The New Face of Indigenous Tourism"

The Aboriginal Business Report
(Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business)

Discusses various business topics relevant to Indigenous communities across Canada.

The New Face of Indigenous Tourism

Tourism operators are faced with a new reality: to reach their target audience they need a highly interactive online presence (pages 64-67).

Shining Bright

Indigenous jeweller Sapling & Flint shows how a good skillset, a valued product, and a passionate hobby can lead to business success in Canada and beyond (pages 60-66).

Reaching for the Cyber Stars 

How two Indigenous entrepreneurs perfected their digital marketing to enjoy remarkable success (pages 48-53).

View Anna-Liza’s full writing portfolio here.


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