Inclusive Storytelling

Humans are wired for storytelling. Long before the written word appeared, our ancestors used oral storytelling to share cultural values and knowledge. Instead of gathering around a fire to hear a good yarn, these days we are more likely to listen to a podcast on the go or watch a video on social media. 

Empathy can only take place when knowledge is shared in an accessible format. Storytelling techniques are an effective way to communicate complex issues such as intersectionality and the harms of colonialism. Storytelling is also a great way to infuse humour into contentious issues, share your organization’s mission and impact, and take a deep dive into perspectives not traditionally represented in mainstream media.

Vintage botanical illustration with butterflies perching on red flowers.

For organizations and publications, we offer: 

  • Text articles that include evidence-based research and in-depth interviews. 
  • Individual or panel-style video interviews that get to the heart of an issue and feature ‘real talk’ with people from equity-deserving communities.
  • Podcast hosting that is well-informed and engaging with a dash of humour.


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